skating serpentine loop

The Ice Theatre of New York held a gala event in fall 2016 and used a recording of my poem School Figures as the basis of this beautiful piece. Skated by  Elisabeth L’Heureux, Kate Mangiardi, and Wendy Wilke, it captures the calm and focus of the practice. Thank you to Moira North, Justice Lee McConnahea and the immensely talented people at ITNY for bringing out a physical version of this poem. I hear there may be plans to skate it again and I hope to catch it in real life.

Update: on April 5, 2017 three Ice Theatre of New York skaters will perform a version of this at noon at Rockefeller Center! I can’t be there so please let me know how it goes. The program is only 30 minutes long and includes performances by Elladj Baldé and others!

Update of Update: June 8, 2017 at Chelsea Piers skaters Denise Beaumont, Elisabeth L’Heureux, Kate Katherine Mangiardi and Wendy Wilke performed “School Figures” at the Ice Theatre of New York’s Spring Unplugged Performance and Party!19025230_10155351423022207_3367016009973206724_o