Anvil 2018 Trauma Head cover

2 thoughts on “Anvil 2018 Trauma Head cover

  1. I enjoyed and appreciated your interview as broadcast this morning on NXNW. Your reading was most interesting and the description of the text moving from left to right and then back again. My wife experienced a hemorrhagic stroke last September and progressed from not knowing my name to near normal speech most of the time. You expressed feeling joy on reading and completing Trauma Head. How would another stroke recovery person feel on reading it? I don’t want to risk generating the wrong emotional response. T


    1. Hi Terry, Thank you for this note. I am so sorry you and your wife have been dealing with this but I am again reminded of the body’s beautiful urge to heal itself. There is no time limit or linearity to brain healing and I hope she can be in this strange time with some kind of peacefulness. Every brain and every person reacts differently. As for your question, so much depends on her personality and experience: a family I know with two members dealing with stroke had very different reactions. The father hasn’t been able to talk about his experience at all, while the daughter devoured Trauma Head and has thrown herself into neurological activism. As with all literature, I suppose my book can confirm something for those who might feel alone, or hit too close to the bone for those who aren’t in that place. Whatever her response is, I’m sure your tenderness and patience will be welcome.


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