Nature Building with Andrew McEwan

Throughout 2015/6 Andrew McEwan and I have been collaborating on a project that is slowly morphing into a book-length event. Titled “Nature Building,” it repurposes/reinhabits/rewrites lyric nature-based poems from the Canadian canon.

We have a close set of rules and parameters for the project which we may write about later. Suffice to say right now that we are co-authoring the entire project of poems. Here is a glimpse of it – two poems included in ti-TCR’s web folio on “Stuff” edited by Matea Kulic.

Andrew and I met at an ArtSong Lab after party.  He mentioned he was studying play as part of creativity for his PhD. That was catnip! Both of us have been surprised by how easy it was to ignite a collaborative practice together while he’s in Ontario and I’m in BC. We began when neither of us were busy with a project – or were waiting for responses on projects – and the idea of Nature Building tumbled into being. More to come!