I had the good luck to participate in ArtSong Lab twice and experience the thrill of having my words turned into music for classical voice and piano. The Vancouver-based program coordinated by Ray Hsu, Michael Parks and Alison D’Amato unites composers with poets to further the development of the genre. My playtime with Christopher Gainey began when he set one of my poems, “Sea Fugue”, as a song cycle. He also participated in a UBC composers’ collaborative effort to set a poem of mine, “Confluence”, (now in serpentine loop as “Circle”). He also set another poem, “Tokay Blanket”, as a bluegrass banjo piece.

Chris created a four piece string piece for serpentine loop and had it recorded by members of the Iowa New Music Ensemble. I adore it. At the Dorchester, MA book launch in Oct 2016 an entire rink full of people skated to it. It has also been interesting to read the poems over the music and consider the layers of meaning created that way. Click here for the full score. If you are interesting in performing it, please contact Chris Gainey.

Here is a sneak peek.