One More Time With Feeling

I’m happy to share that serpentine loop is going into a second printing! Our first print run is almost dry so Anvil Press is reissuing the book eight months after its debut. While some authors take this opportunity to reframe, rewrite or re-situate their work, not much will change in the new edition.

We found two small typos and decided to change my pedantic use of “an” before a word beginning with an aspirated “h”. Other than that we updated the bio on the back, recalibrated the colour and font size on the back, and included some reviews in a page in the front.

If you want to grab one of the last first editions, The Paper Hound in Vancouver will ship globally. And other local bookstores such as Pulp Fiction have copies on the shelves for walk-ins and locals. Both of these booksellers support our literary community with extra hours and generosity so it really pays to forgo Amazon and order through them.

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