Read Local

image003I’m extremely excited to read with Julie Emerson, Evelyn Lau and Fred Wah as part of Read Local BC at PulpFiction, my local hookup for books. While I just met Julie when I read at WORD Vancouver last month, Evelyn is someone I have known and respected since I began writing at Carnegie Community Centre with Thursdays Writing Collective in 2008. Evelyn wrote her first poems at Carnegie as a 16 year old – poems that became her first book, Runaway. She was also the third Vancouver Poet Laureate and our paths have crossed in many wonderful ways but never as readers on the same bill.

I’m also extremely excited about reading with Fred Wah. Fred, who was Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada from 2011-2013, is another major figure in Canadian letters and someone I am always happy to bump into because of his warmth and sense of fun. Fred has visited us at Thursdays Writing Collective to write and his support of emerging voices is consistent. He even appeared in the CBC doc we did.

I am curious to see how our words interact, even though it appears the format will be linear and segmented. I’m reading for 10 minutes before Julie, then Evelyn, then Fred. PulpFiction is limited with seating but hosted by the excellent proprietor Chris Brayshaw so if you want a vantage point, come early.


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