Book Skating Rink Launch

We had a book-skating party in Dorchester, MA at the Devine Rink on Oct 1, 2016. We were supposed to be in a different rink but they had a last minute fail of refridgeration and didn’t have ice.  Despite the change a crowd of people came out in the foul rain to the friendly Devine Rink.

The hockey parents who were waiting for their bantam players were very cool about suddenly being in the midst of a poetry event.


We put on music composed by Chris Gainey  – a piece called “Funnel Cloud” that he wrote prompted by serpentine loop. It was recorded by the University of Iowa New Music Quartet.

Elin Schran skated to Funnel Cloud with everyone on the ice and then she skated a program based on her reading of serpentine loop that she choreographed to her reading!

We do have video and I’ll figure out how to get it here. It was beautiful and evidence of her close reading. The interesting thing is that she has never skated the program the same way twice. It is an intuitive and open program – the way she uses edges is phenomenal.

Thanks to everyone who came to skate with us and to the people who bought copy of the book! I got a chance to meet skaters, neighbours and readers I didn’t know before. One of

img_0700these people, John, is an extremely talented skate sharpener. He actually is a metal worker for NASA so he really knows his stuff. As I came off the nice I noticed my blade was loose and wobbly – John took my skates home and tightened the blades and sharpened them exquisitely. As payment he took a copy of the book, which is probably the first time poetry has been bartered for blades.

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