Notes on Touring Through Ontario and Quebec

(Tour details are listed under Readings/Events)

Two nights ago I did my first reading outside BC. It bodes well. It was not scary. Art Bar I was at the Art Bar Poetry Series with Jennifer Zilm and Madhur Anand and this morning I finished their delicious books (respectively, Waiting Room and A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes).  Go get them!

This trip is proving to be a confluence of friends and poets. Some like, Jennifer, who is from BC and was shortlisted for the Kroetsch with me last year, I get to see more often. Others, like Ashley-Elizabeth Best, with whom I’m reading in Kingston on May 2 and who was also shortlisted for the Kroetsch with us, I haven’t met yet. Shannon McGuire came to the Art Bar and now I will be reading with her tomorrow night. Much criss-crossing!

It was superb to see so many ex-Vancouverites in the Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth for the Art Bar reading. It really was a warm beginning to the tour and so neat to meet so many people I have only known online.

I went walking around and found serpentine loop at Type Books! Now it is signed! That was a thrill.


Tomorrow I head towards the In The Soil Festival in St Catharine’s to read at BlurBlurBlur, possibly driving a few other poets. I will get to read with Adrienne Gruber (Vancouver!) and see my collaborating pal Andrew McEwan.

Right before that event – maybe as we drive there? – we might hear Bruce Kauffman interview Ashley-Elizabeth in the first hour and me in the second on Friday April 29th from 4-6pm EDT on CFRC 101.9fm’s ‘finding a voice’. She and I will be reading at Novel Idea Bookstore  156 Princess St, next Monday May 2nd, 7-9pm.

Multiple connections, see?

The interview will be streamed live online at  and the show will be uploaded to Bruce’s blogspace for it at , usually within a few hours of its airing, and saved indefinitely.

finding a voice on cfrc 101.9fm

This is a showcase of a weekly series of spoken word shows, ‘finding a voice’, aired on CFRC 101.9fm, Kingston, ON – Show’s host/blog space manager, Bruce Kauffman at bruce.kauffman@…

More notes coming soon…


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