another view of serpentine loop

Creative collaboration and chains! I’m lucky to be surrounded by creatively flexible people who love to play.

As I wrote serpentine loop I shared it with my sister, professional skater Elin Schran. She read it, identified key phrases and words, ran them through iTunes and came up with a selection of sounds that she spliced together. She shared the sounds with me.

I contacted composer and collaborator friend Christopher Gainey and told him we were hoping to find some original music that referenced what Elin had heard. Chris composed a stunning short new music piece for strings titled “Funnel Cloud” and gave it to the University of Iowa New Music Ensemble to perform and record. They did an exceptional job.

Chris emailed us the performance and Elin listened to it repeatedly. Last week while we were in Boston on spring break, my two children and I filmed her skating while she held the text and “Funnel Cloud” in her head. She skated in silence and let the poems and music move through her.

On the plane ride home my daughter sampled snippets of Elin’s skating and cut Chris’ composition into a very short trailer for the book. I’m amazed at how nimbly she manipulated so much footage and so many tracks.

We hope to have Elin skating the program live in the coming months! And I’m looking forward to live performances of Funnel Cloud.

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