Pandora’s Collective and WORD Vancouver Awards

Happy news – the excellent community-oriented, do-everything, very active literary organization Pandora’s Collective has paired with WORD Vancouver to present awards. I’ve always been impressed with Pandora’s Collective ethos of inclusivity and the amount of events they supply to writers of all genres and experiences. This year they are honouring a slate of BC people and organizations of which I am one – I am receiving the BC Writer Mentor Award. This is particularly meaningful because of my reliance on my own mentors, including Lou Bernieri, John Asfour, Rachel Rose, Betsy Warland. I consider many people ¬†mentors in different areas of my writing life. Do I do my best work in collaboration, or at least in contact, with people? I think so, even if I am listening to their voices in my head. And mentoring is an excuse to exchange ideas with people who are committed to a mutual goal – what could be better or more fruitful than that?

But get a load of this slate! Daphne Marlatt! Caitlin Press! Todd Wong! Candice James! Megaphone! I am so excited to toast them. The event is open to the public on Fri Sep 25 at CBC Studios 700 Hamilton St and begins at 7:30.

PC-Word press release-page-001PC-Word press release-page-002

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