It is a blast to have friends like Kevin Spenst and Sachiko Murakami who invite collaboration and turn writing together into a playful interaction. Both invited the public to participate in creation projects.

Kevin asked people to send a line of poetry he could aggregate to a piece and turn into a video poem. I asked my shortest roommate to pick a number (page of one of my manuscripts), then pick another number (line number on that page) and then read that truncated sentence into my iPhone. We emailed the voice message to Kevin. He turned it into this:

Sachiko’s new book Get Me Out of Here, solicited phrases, images or ideas from people as they travelled through airports. My short roommates helped out again: as we flew from YVR to Boston we identified phrases and sent them to her. A year or so later: three new poems! Thanks, Sachi, for the chance to connect!

Both Kevin and Sachi’s new books – Jabbering with Bing Bong and Get Me Out of Here are both provocative, interesting reads. You can get them here.

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