serpentine loop (Anvil Press, 2016), was nominated for the 2017 Raymond Souster Award and named twice to The Walrus Magazine’s “Best of 2016” list. Nine months after its launch it had a second printing.

“Kraljii Gardiner’s use of figure skating visuals and terms is brilliant. The poems cut across multiple themes, skating across relationships, childhood memories and loss cutting deep, taking elaborate risks, with few soft landings. Beginning and ending on the ice, a poetic figure 8, we travel with her through the inside and outside edges of life.”- League of Canadian Poets

With too many great poems inside to quote, Gardiner’s lush, piercing collection is layered with climatological subtext and personal history, sure enough of its voice to thaw the coldest of hearts.” – Amber Tamblyn, BUST magazine 

serpentine loop by Elee Kraljii Gardiner is precisely laid out in an easy to navigate motif of figure skating. It’s a powerful work that invites readers into the rainy climate of expensive Vancouver, capturing the loneliness we call solitude with truths like, “hear us tapping on the stucco.” In its empathy and compassion, the collection elevates readers to touch and grasp their own “defiant act of communion,” to weave magic until the desire for reciprocal, meaningful connection transcends isolation. Insightful and concise all at once. – Poetry Around BC 

Only the most steady of poets will hone a central motif throughout the whole of a collection. To maintain such a motif is to be beholden to it. And what does it mean to be beholden to figure skating? It means precision and dexterity, and to inspire curious astonishment. Kraljii Gardiner gracefully succeeds in this poetic undertaking. serpentine loopis precise and dexterous in its language and affect. This book awes me.  – Amber Dawn, author of Sodom Road ExitWhere the words and my body beginsHow Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoir, Sub Rosa


You can order serpentine loop through your local bookstore in the US or in Canada. Or you can place an order directly with the US distributor.